How To Clean Your House From Top To Bottom? Tips and Guides

Every house needs to be clean in a circular way all through the year. You can clean practically your house in only four hours a week. You do not have to be a specialist to clean your home. More or less all of us know how to do that. However, maximum of us does not know the proper process of doing that. Cleaning the other people’s houses is very easy. Doing that on your own is hard.

Here, everything is personal. You will get distracted every time while you are cleaning it. The only effective way is not to get distracted at the date of cleaning your own house. We will briefly talk about how to clean your house from top to bottom that will help you to clean your home

How To Clean Your House From Top To Bottom?

There are many efficient and easy ways to clean your house. You just have to maintain the total procedure. All of them include a step by step process to follow. Some of us have got tired to follow the steps. However, in the time of cleaning the house, you do not have to do that. It is dangerous for starting any cleaning job, not just the house cleaning. You have to take it as a mission. You should know the basic process of “how to clean your house from top to bottom”.

How To Clean Your House

Make a Plan

Making a plan for doing any job is the most important thing for everyone. It is better to get all the work organized with your ability. It also gives you a proper estimation of doing the job. A plan can offer you the best idea of a job you are heading to. After making a plan select a part of work with perfect time. Proper use of time can give you the consistency in your job.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the best place to start cleaning. All of us know that we need the bathroom for doing any cleaning job. It is going to need a good water supply for cleaning house. So bathrooms should be clean before we start the inner part of house cleaning. You need to remove everything from the tubs and showers. Then apply some spray with cleaning products. Leave them to work by them self. Then wash them out with plenty of water.

Cleaning the Ceiling and Walls

After that, you should clean the Ceiling and Walls. You can use a flat microfiber cleaning mop for the roof and the floor. Be careful about cleaning the lights and fans. You have to clean the light fixtures with a soft hand. Maintain it while cleaning the fan blades. Do not take much time to it. It is excruciating for the body. Do not use any soapy spray to this part of cleaning. They look so nasty.

Start Dusting

After getting this part done now, you are ready for dusting the furniture. Remove all the covers and start from the top. Remove all the small parts like books of anything. You can apply oil or wax to polish the surface. Reach under the furniture and clean them well. Just you have to be careful about moving them.

Clean the Floors

After dusting all of your furniture now, you are ready to vacuum.  It is the final touch of cleaning house. You have to Use the corner tool to get the edges. You can apply it to the edges of the floor too. Then move all the rugs and carpets. Then clean the hard part of the floor. You can use a roller head sponge mop and bucket for better performance.

How To Clean Your House From Top To Bottom


We have written all about how to clean your house from top to bottom for you. We Hope these cleaning process will provide a better idea for deep cleaning your home. This process is suitable for the holidays. You can apply them anytime in the year. Home cleaning is a valuable part of your home. By knowing the process of cleaning home, you can make your home look great after a holiday. A clean home creates a good impact on your guests. Now, you know all about cleaning a home.  Do you have any question about How to clean your house from top to bottom? You can feel free to ask us.

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